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This last week after an experience in Africa my thoughts have wandered to thinking about why God would put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden.  For years I thought it was a test.  A test of our heart position, of were we really able to chose Him over other things.  Then I realised that …

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Jackson: a transformed son

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Jackson is a Karamajong Warrior, a leader in his family known for their violence.  Known to kill in large numbers any group that came close including the police, army and neighbouring tribes.  So notorious was their history that even other rebel groups were scared to come near From neighbouring tribes they would kidnap children, steal cows, kill whole families and burn …


Adventures have heroes

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You know what it’s like when you find your seat on the plane, sit down and greet the person beside you and they can’t even say hi back?  Everything they are communicating (without words) is don’t speak to me?  Can make for an uncomfortable flight if you value connection as I do!  As we took off Papa spoke to me …


Wake up

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It was late and dark when this person came bursting into where we were staying; one of the Old Ladies (Jaajja) had become so sick she was in a coma.  We drove our vehicle there and worshiped Jesus together.  Jack (who was 13 years old) felt to sing prophetically over life: wake up, you still have work to do.  She …


Perfect Love Casts out Fear

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This beautiful girl had been tormented by a spirit of fear that would create such a response in her that her heart would stop beating and she would need to be resuscitated only a monthly basis.  As we laid hands on her and released Papa’s love over her, the spirit fled, her heart was fully restored and now 1 year …