our story

God has taken us on
an incredible relational journey.

As we have discovered who He is and who we are, we have found ourselves positioned to be part of His extravagant love story: reforming and transforming Nations. God intentionally connects people and places to see a foundation for His Presence and Power to be manifest as we walk in love and honour together. Family is the Kingdom: God operates relationally. As we lay down our lives and walk as beloved children of God we are positioned as Mama’s and Papa’s who raise sons and daughters who transform communities.

Kingdom Journeys

Each one of us has a role to play in seeing revival in Nations. God is longing for each of us to step more into the reality of who we are and to carry His love and power to a world in desperate need of Him. A Kingdom Journey takes you outside of your comfort zone and positions you to be part of a momentum of seeing His rule and reign of love change lives! Kingdom Journey relationships and experiences are guaranteed to be life changing!

“A journey into greater depths of freedom and experiencing the love of God and the honour of giving it away only to receive more from God than you ever gave.”Nathan, New Zealand
On The Bus
Bethel Redding Team
Karina & Pastor Joseph
Emma with Kids

Kingdom Expansion

Raising and releasing revivalists, powerful sons and daughters is part of our mandate. Tent Peg Missions runs mission trips, Kingdom Conferences, Revival Meetings, Community Impact and Influencing and Equipping Leaders in Nations. We have a team of revivalist leaders who oversee and fulfil this work: Pastor Joseph Omara, Karina & Paul Schreurs, Pastor Apollo Nyangkori & Tonny Obonyo. As God leads, this team ministers in Africa, Asia and New Zealand.

“We thank God that Rebecca’s child (Jedidah) you prayed for while in office, received total healing and has never fallen sick. Gift has also received success in her work and the family is fine now.”Police Officers, Kapchorwa, Uganda
Karina & Pastor Joseph
Conor & Tonny
Emma with Kids

Kingdom Community

As sons and daughters are raised up, dreams are birthed and destinies connect positioning us to see Heaven on Earth in all areas. Each of our Community projects have been birthed in this place and we are committed to walking with our family leaders in seeing these dreams fulfilled. As God speaks and leads we follow and play our part in seeing His love and heart transform communities.

“I feel like a disciple of Jesus: new life has sprung. Parents give peace, inheritance & direction to family. We are sons & daughters. Love and Presence are powerful! We are one.”Pastors in Adwari Subcounty, North Uganda
Edith - Home of Hope
Home of Hope
Pig Sty | House of Aroha
House of Aroha