Soft hearts receive

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I love God’s language to me, direct and hitting the heart.  This morning He asked me what I wanted to receive from our new Prime Minister.  My response was “God I didn’t vote for her. I spent time praying and dreaming into a different leader.  I even believed I heard You speak about it and so now this outcome isn’t mine so I am done”.  I had invested my heart there so when God asked what I wanted to receive for the second time my response was I wanted a different outcome. “OK God, I want to receive from her the leader I voted for”.  Then the reality hit; I know when I make something about me, it’s usually control trying to have a voice and control is only present in pain and disappointment.  As I felt those feelings my heart was softened because it had been heard and again the Father spoke “what do you want to receive from your new leader?”

My heart because of disappointment was in no place to receive, it was in no place to engage; it was shut-off and hard.  To the outside world most people wouldn’t know because that was a journey I walked only with God.  I didn’t want to step into the political spirit and so quietly I stewarded what God laid on my heart.  That investment though meant now I had to face a reality that wasn’t what I had invested into.  God spoke and said our investment of time and prayer is as an act of love to Him and His voice not the outcome and so as I laid down my disappointment and opened my heart up again and felt life and hope.  And so I asked God for some big things, I asked to be a voice of honour to our leader, I asked for a heart that would genuinely love her.  I asked for wisdom and power rooted in love to be manifest.  And I thanked God for the opportunity to now serve and love with every cell in my body.

I wonder how often we miss receiving because of unprocessed pain and disappointment.  It doesn’t look like what I dreamed into and believed for and so let me pull out of this and disengage.

The truth is though this is now we miss so much of what is our inheritance that we can only receive.  Nations are ready to be received but only with a soft heart.  Soft hearts have laid it all bare before God, felt emotions we didn’t even know were real and found a truth and beauty that positions us to receive.

Whatever your journey is, today I want to encourage you whatever you haven’t seen that you believed and invested in, allow your heart to feel, allow it to be soften and allow a new truth to rest upon you.  Nations are ours for inheritance and we can’t work for it, the only way is to receive.

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