When something matters

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New things, the glorious realm of the unknown; so exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  This last month as I have been journeying beginning my business I have had new fears to overcome.   For you, this could be a new place to live, new relationships, a child, a new job, the list is endless.

I think I really believed once you dealt with your fears that would be the end but it certainly isn’t. Every new place, has new fears, new giants, new things to conquer.  I think it was the case even before the fall in the garden.  God told Adam and Eve to take dominion.  What does that mean?  It means we will take authority over it.  In the last few weeks fear has tried to tell me I am not good enough, that really I don’t know anything and that there is no way others will want to invest in what you have to say.  Not only does fear try and take us from peace but it renders us powerless, stuck in a cycle of trying to step forward while being pulled backwards.

My business is around something that matters a lot to me.  I love the brain, I love how it works and how it impacts our lives.  I love thinking about the impact of this on family, work, relationships and communities.  It’s my passion.  I believe it’s one of the reasons God created me the way I am.  At the same time as being so passionate about it, it also scares me equally as much.  Why? Because it matters to me. That means others not being interested can cause me pain.  Now I am not saying this so you all try and be over the top in your interest.  Your level of interest is OK with me.  I’m saying it because if I allowed this fear, it could paralyse me so that I don’t do anything, and I don’t want that.  I want to share with the world what I know of the brain and how this can change our lives for the better.

The more something matters, the more fear there is to overcome, because it is likely to cause us more potential pain if it all goes wrong!  It’s actually social pain that keeps us connected.  So this passion about the brain is what will make it successful but also makes it the scariest!   The more something matters the more anxiety we will experience around it.

There are a few things I know about the unknown and the brain.  Those who live in constant excitement are actually functioning in a brain state that lessens our IQ and our creativity.  Living in tomorrow simply robs us of today.  It has the roots in the brain where anxiety is and it is easy to find ourselves on an excitement/anxiety hamster wheel (future driven) and a failure/perfectionism cycle in the present.

There is nothing like having the unknown for lack to come to the surface.  Can I really do this?  The truth is I don’t know.  I refuse to boost myself up with self talk and choose instead to trust. To believe this matters to me so much that I will give it all I have and the best of me.  I want to grow in feeling and responding with trust because this positions me to live in peace and that ultimately is where I want to live every moment.

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